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All our cats &  Kittens will have been treated with the utmost loving and care. All have been inoculated as & when required. All have received the correct dosage of flea & worm treatment. All our Cats & kittens have been for a 3 montly medical by the veterinary at the local Vets 4 Pets.

We Are A Member Of The GCCF. Our Prefix is: CFORC


The GCCF Breeders Scheme, which we are not members of yet, We Met All The Requirements Needed To Be Added To  The GCCF Breeders Scheme For Months, to learn:  Application Requirements Are Under consideration. No New Applications are Being Accepted, (Existing Members Of The GCCF Breeders Scheme, Exempt). This Has Gone On For Some Time. It Is Possible For It To Go On For Years. It Is My Oppinion. One Rule For Some. Different Rules For Others. Despicable State Of Affairs. They Do Say In Life, It Is Who You Know, Not What You Know.

Application Still Pending.


The said scheme was Originally created to provide a trustworthy environment for new owners to find a kitten that suits them.


The Breeders Scheme Members are required to be supportive to the new owners of their kitten, providing help and advice about how best to care for their new addition to the family.

The aim of the GCCF Breeder Scheme is to create a safe avenue for kittens (and cats) to be bought and sold.

New owners want to know that the kitten they are buying is registered, has been properly cared for and they will have a person to go to for advice.


The GCCF hope that by providing this service and becoming the “first stop” for kitten selection, backstreet breeders of unregistered and uncared for kittens will be driven out.


Benefits of being a part of the Scheme.

All aplicants are required to go on a two day tuition period & will be able to demonstrate their commitment to healthy breeding and quality service by being able to display the Breeders Scheme Logo with their personal number.

You will be the first option given to kitten purchasers that enquire a kitten breeder with the GCCF.

You will be able to advertise kittens on the GCCF website, an accepted source of quality feline information.

You will be given publicity as part of the scheme to new kitten owners through electronic and hardcopy information from the GCCF and its partners.

Key Points of the SchemeEvery kitten bought from a GCCF Breeder Scheme Member will be registered, vaccinated, and carry an initial period of insurance.

Every GCCF Breeder Scheme Member is supported by their Vet.

Every GCCF Breeder Scheme Member is a member of at least one GCCF Breed Club relevant to the Breed they are selling so that they have a source of advice and access to the process that governs the way their Breed is registered.

New owners can give feedback.

How to become a part ofthe GCCF Breeder Scheme.


There are 4 initial requirements:1.

(1) You must already hold a GCCF registered prefix;

(2) You must be a fully paid up member of a GCCF Full Member Cat Club relevant to the breed you wish to support.

(3 You must have a vet that will endorse your application.

(4) You must agree to abide by the Code of Ethics of the GCCF and the enhanced Code of Ethics of the Breeders Scheme.

(5) You then need to apply to join the Scheme by completing the Application Form and sending this in along with the Joining Fee (which includes the first year’s Membership).

I hope the information above  reiterates what exactly is involved about becomming a member of the GCCF Approved Breeders Club