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We Feed Our Kittens Iams Pro-Active Health Kitten Food

2 or 3 times a week we feed our kittens either fresh white fish or, some boiled chicken pieces.

It is important to remember. Clean water must be always available.

This ensures a healthy balanced diet

It Is Important That You Continue To Feed Your New Kitten The Same Food. If you do decide to change their food which we don't recommend. You will need to slowly introduce the new food to avoid an upset stomach over a period of 7 - 10 days.

We Found That Our Kittens/Cats Prefer Drinking Moving Water. We Use:

This is what we use to remove all the old & loose fur

We Found The Best Way To Not Only Discourage Scratching Your Furnishings

We Have The Exact Flower Shaped Cat Trees In Our Home. Our Kittens? Cats Love It

The Cat Tree Will Also Help Your New Kitten Feel Safer In Their New Home

The Flower-Shaped Cat Tree Has Reversible Cushions, A Thick Base Plate With Scratch Mat And Sisal-Wrapped Metal Pillars For extra Strength. Provides Lots Of Space For Claw Sharpening, Playing & Sleeping High Up. That Makes Your New Kitten Feel Safe & Secure. This is the exact Cat Tree That We Have Been Using For More Than 2 Years. Far Better & Stronger than the ordinary, cheaper alternatives that are made of Compressed Cardboard

Our Kittens Have Been Trained To Use A Litter Tray With Amazon Brand Lifelong Bentonite Baby Powder Scent

Premium Cat Litter Baby Powder Scent 25L

Premium Cat Litter Baby Powder Scent 25L Subscribe & Save Up To 15%

Kitten/Cat Litter Large Size For Ragdolls

If any of our Cats or Kittens have a loose bowel. We Use Pro-Kolin. Click on the image for more info

You may find it easier to use the granules pack wich you sprinkle on their wet food.Click on the image for more info

Cat Stain and Odour Remover | Enzymatic Cleaner with Pro-Bacteria Cleaning

Cat Toys We Use

Important. Please Read Below

It is very important to ensure the safety of your ragdoll, all windows and doors need to have netting fitted to any window or door that is opened for fresh air. Never allow them to roam free, only allow them to go outside if your garden is escape proof. You will be amazed by how small a hole can be for the ragdoll to escape, or it could be as bad if a stray cat was able to gain access to your garden.

We Offer A Service Whereby We Can Visit Your Home To Discuss What Would Be Needed To Protect Your Ragdoll Kittens/Cats. If you are fit and able, you could do it yourself, with respect. Somebody needs to do it

For more information & prices contact: ProtectaPet® Cat Fence

ProtectaPet® Cat Fence
ProtectaPet® Cat Fence

For More Information Or Advise. Please Enter Your Details & Message Below

With respect. When it is time to collect, or if you are taking advantage of our delivery service. Full Payment in cash for any balance will be required on receipt of the Kitten or Kittens. I apologise for having to, in my opinion, state the obvious but there was an occasion when, I drove 70 + miles to meet a lady half way. To be advised that she had no monies to pay for the kitten as I had not stated it was a requirement.

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