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Welcome to our Website Ragdoll Kittens  Thank you for visiting.

We are based in Barry in the Vale Of Glamorgan. South Wales UK

First & foremost, we fully support and abide by the rules laid down by the GCCF (Governing Council Cat Fancy) our Prefix is: CFORC.

We are also animal lovers. My wife is a Budhist who has strong beliefs about the treatment of & the way any animal is kept.

Our family includes my wife and I. We have 2 small pomeranian dogs named Pepsi & Popcorn. We also have 4 female Ragdolls called Milo, Moji, Belle & Maggie.

Our male Ragdoll is called: King Cosmo, he is the main man.

King Cosmo On top of his world
King Cosmo On top of his world

We ensure  our pets are comprehensively insured with Agria, the Insurance company approved by the GCCF.

We also pay Vets 4 Pets VIP Total Care Service costing £12 a month for eack of our pets that includes:

(1) 3 monthly checkups  (2) monthly flea treatment  (3) 3 monthly worming treatment (4) Annual inoculation boosters  (5)Discounted Vets fees

The Pets 4 Vets VIP service. I highly reccomend to everyone, for total peace of mind.

We created a colouring book for instant download. Click to learn more

Our family normally have the freedom of the whole house & garden to run around & play in, which is fully fenced in, inluding the complete top of our garden for guaranteed security of our familly of Ragdolls. We also have premade wooden frames with green plastic covered galvanised wire for when we need to open the windows in our house.

It is very important to ensure the safety of your ragdoll kitten/cat. Never allow them to roam free, only allow them to go outside if your garden is escape proof (you will be amazed by how small a hole can be for the ragdoll to escape, or it could be as bad if a stray cat was able to gain access to your garden (ragdoll kittens/cats).

King Cosmo https://ragdollkittens.co.uk
King Cosmo https://ragdollkittens.co.uk

I apologise for my written English.  I have not tried to imply that I am a member of the Prestigeous GCCF Breeders Club.

We Will However Abide By Their Rules & Conditions

We Are Currently Not On The Prestigeous GCCF Breeders Scheme.

Our Application is Pending.

I list below the requirements  of what the The GCCF Breeders’ Code of Ethics For GCCF Breeder Scheme Breeders As a GCCF Breeder entails.

I am over 18 and pleased to make the following assurances:

1.Regarding my breed 1.1. I am a member of at least one GCCF affiliated breed club.

1.2. I am familiar with the Standard of Points and Registration Policy and work within the Breeding Policy for my breed.

1.3. I shall breed discriminately and only from cats in good health, of good breed type and with no known detrimental genetic health issues. I make use of any recommended health tests relevant to my breed.

1.4. I shall make sure that any cats I register on the GCCF active register, whether for myself or a fellow breeder, meet the same criteria.

1.5. I shall give careful consideration to the frequency with which a stud cat is used and with which queens they are mated with in order to maintain genetic diversity within the breed.

2.Regarding the day to day welfare of my cats

2.1. The health and welfare of my cats is my primary concern and I will take appropriate steps to ensure this is maintained at all times. I will take steps to minimise the spread of disease between cats by restricting contact between at risk cats, both on and off my premises. I will limit numbers to ensure this is possible.

2.2. I will maintain a good relationship with a veterinary practice who will support my endeavours.

3.Regarding the sale and placement of kittens

3.1. I will ensure to the best of my abilities that any cats I breed go to responsible, loving homes, where they will be properly cared for.

3.2. I will ensure kittens leave for their new homes fully vaccinated, insured and appropriately treated for parasites, vet health checked and to the best of my knowledge in good health.

3.3. In addition to the GCCF documentation and pedigree I will ensure that cats leave for their new homes with written information detailing their health records (including worming and flea treatments and vaccinations), feeding regime, general care and recommendations for neutering, or already neutered. Registration paperwork may not form part of this paperwork if transfer of The following is an voluntary ‘best practice’ standard for members of the GCCF Breeder Scheme, in addition to the GCCF General Code of Ethics for Owners and Breeders and the Defra Code of Practice for the Welfare of Cats ownership is already being processed by the GCCF at the request of the breeder or for any other genuine reason agreed between both parties at the time of sale.

3.4. I shall ensure that new owners are given information about, and contact details for the GCCF affiliated breed clubs I am a member of, relevant to the breed of the kitten.

3.5. I will ensure that all new owners are provided with a feedback form to assist with the quality assurance aspects of this scheme.

3.6. I will encourage the new owner to contact me should they need any help or advice and reply to any request promptly.

3.7. I will interact with fellow breeders and owners in a truthful and courteous manner.

4.My breeding practices

4.1. I will only mate a queen who is healthy and in good condition, and only as often as is appropriate for her wellbeing.

4.2. I will not accept into stud any queen that is registered on the non-active register with the GCCF, or whose registration with another bona fide organisation is endorsed “not for breeding”.

4.3. I shall do my best to ensure that any adult, former breeding cat that requires re-homing is neutered, and placed in the care of a suitably experienced person.

5.Regarding my Relationship with the GCCF

5.1. I am the holder of a GCCF registered prefix and I consent to the GCCF adding my personal contact details to the GCCF Breeder Scheme website.

5.2. I shall register or declare all my kittens born to GCCF registered parents.

5.3. I shall not engage with breeding programmes involving breeds not recognised by the GCCF for welfare or genetic reasons.

5.4. I am familiar with the GCCF’s requirements for members of the Breeder Scheme and understand that the GCCF may on occasions contact my new kitten owners directly for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of the scheme. I understand that if I do not comply with this code of ethics I may be removed from the scheme.

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