We Offer A Kitten Courier Service

Due to the dramatic rise in fuel costs. We have been forced to Charge 70p per mile with a minimum cost of £50

Our Courier Service must be Booked In Advance, And A Deposit Of £50 paid At The Time Of Booking. Balance To Be Paid For On Arrival.

We Do Not Make A profit From Our Courier Service, It Only Covers The Fuel & Running Costs Of Our Car. We have to have a specific vehicle. Separate Climate Control (Front & Back). For The Comfort During Transportation Of Our Ragdoll Cats & Kittens (especially during the summer months).

Please find below the normal allowance (costs) of running a car.

HMRC Car Running Costs

Car Allowance & Claiming Mileage Claiming car mileage allowance is a common source of head-scratching – how do you figure out what is eligible? Other questions you’ll be wondering will likely include: ‘what is the HMRC mileage allowance?’, ‘what is the self-employed mileage allowance?’, and ‘how do you go about claiming business travel expenses?’ So you don’t submit your Self Assessment tax return without thorough knowledge on the best and most accurate way to claim car mileage, we’ve simplified everything you’ll need to know about the business vehicle tax deductions and tax reliefs. How Much Can You Claim for Mileage? Basically, you can claim tax-free mileage as a business user as an allowance if you use your own car for a business journey. UK mileage rates can differ, however, HMRC advisory fuel rates state that in most circumstances you can claim business mileage per mile

With respect. When it is time to collect, or if you are taking advantage of our delivery service. Full Payment in cash for any balance will be required on receipt of the Kitten or Kittens. I apologise for having to, in my opinion, state the obvious but there was an occasion when, I drove 70 + miles to meet a lady half way. To be advised that she had no monies to pay for the kitten as I had not stated it was a requirement.

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