Ragdoll Kittens Care Plan

          The Kitten and their new home.

Ragdoll Kittens Care Plan
Ragdollkittens.co.uk Ragdoll Kittens Care Plan

Important The first few days.

When the kitten/s first arrive at their new home they will be frightened, they have been removed from their home & Mum. Please give them some time to get used to their new environment which will be quicker if you allow the kitten/s some time to settle. Please do not force yourself upon the kitten/s. They may try to hide themselves but will make friends with you when they are ready.


Litter Tray

Your kitten has been trained to use a litter tray with a Bentonite Clumping cat litter. We use Amazon’s own brand: Lifelong Bentonite Premium Cat Litter, Baby Powder Scent.

You may have the odd accident whereby the kitten fails to use the litter tray as the kitten may be frightened when they first arrive. If an accident occurs, clean up the mess & place it in the litter tray, then, pick up the kitten & put them in the litter tray. They will soon get the idea.

Ragdoll Kittens Care Plan


The kitten/s have been used to eating Iams Dry Kitten Food. It is our oppinion, we ensure there is dry food available at all times. It is unusual however, if your kitten starts to become over weight. You can change the amount of food you feed your kitten, according to the manufactures instructions taking into account the kittens weight, with   Iams Dry Kitten food.

Two or three times a week we feed ad-lib either, chopped up cooked chicken breast, coocked white fish (No Bones) or coocked chicken livers.


Iams dry kitten food should be available at all times. With fresh, clean water. When the kitten is 6 months old, follow the feeding instructions on the Iams Kitten food bag. It is good for the kitten to still have some wet food 2-3 times a week but not too much as the kitten or cat will need the balanced requirements that Iams Kitten food provides. When the kitten is 12 months old please, remember to change their food to Iams Adult Cat food either Chicken or, Ocean Fish

Ragdoll Kittens Care Plan


                      Worm & Flea Treatment

Your kitten has been given 3 months of worm medication & 30 days flea protection. I would suggest taking your kitten to your vets within the 30 days.  I recommend a Complete care plan that will ensure your kitten receives a regular medical check up, monthly flea treatment, 3 monthly worm treatment, the care plan also includes your kittens annual booster, the vast majority of veterinaries have this facility

vaccination, a 5% discount on veterinary fees, all included for around £15 a month

If you are unsure of anything you can either send me a message with one of our contact us forms on our website:https://ragdollkittens.co.uk

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Or, if urgent, you can phone 07375863320

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