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We are based in Barry in the Vale Of Glamorgan. South Wales UK

First & foremost. We only breed GCCF registered Kittens. We fully support and abide by the rules laid down by the GCCF (Governing Council Cat Fancy). We have a Prefix: CFORC

We are also animal lovers. My wife is a Budhist who has strong beliefs about the treatment of & the way any animal is kept.

Our family includes my wife and I. We have 2 small pomeranian dogs named Pepsi & Popcorn. We also have 9 female Ragdolls called Milo, Moji, Belle, Maggie, Happy, Fifi, Tiggy, Browny and Olive.

Our male Ragdoll is called: King Cosmo, he is the main man. We also have an European male called Appolo.

King Cosmo On top of his world
King Cosmo On top of his world

We ensure  our pets are comprehensively insured with Agria, the Insurance company approved by the GCCF.

We also pay Vets 4 Pets VIP Total Care Service costing £12 a month for eack of our pets that includes:

(1) 6 monthly checkups  (2) monthly flea treatment  (3) 3 monthly worming treatment (4) Annual inoculation boosters  (5) Discounted Vets fees

The Pets 4 Vets VIP service. I highly reccomend to everyone, for total peace of mind.

Our family normally have the freedom of the whole house & garden to run around & play in, which is fully fenced in, inluding the complete top of our garden for guaranteed security (With security cameras that record all movement and saved to the cloud) for our familly of Ragdolls. We also have premade wooden frames with green plastic covered galvanised wire for when we need to open the windows in our house.

It is very important to ensure the safety of your ragdoll kitten/cat. Never allow them to roam free, only allow them to go outside if your garden is escape proof (you will be amazed by how small a hole can be for the ragdoll to escape, or it could be as bad if a stray cat was able to gain access to your garden (ragdoll kittens/cats).

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