The Importance Of Annual Cat/Kitten Insurance

It is important before you consider  purchasing your cat, you will have veterinary bills to pay for annual vaccines, worming treatment etc & if your cat/kitten requires any treatment, or even having to stay in a pet hospital, the cost could spiral out of control. Neil Barrton the owner of Ragdoll Kittens together with the majority of Breeders believe that all cat/kitten owners should Insure their cats. Arguably the best  insurance in the United Kingdom Agria Insurance. It is important to note & consider. Another important factor to remember, It is important to insure your cat/kitten for it’s lifetime, you do not want to choose an insurance company who provides an annual insurance plan because, every year you will have to sign a declaration confirming that your cat is in good health without any previous health conditions, if you do have to declare that you have had a claim for up to the previous 5 years. The cost of the new annual insurance premium could increase by nearly double the cost of the previous year.

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